Connie Brockway
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All Through the Night

All Through the Night


"...for readers who like a compelling story with complex, fascinating characters and sexual tension that will have you breathing deeply, All Through the Night is definitely a must read.

And what a moving read! The cat and mouse of the hunt, together with these two magnetic, mature characters whose troubled pasts are revealed in tantalizing glimpses, combine to draw the reader deep into a world of mystery, intrigue, and raging passion. For those with a taste for originality and depth of characterization, this is a trip well worth making."

"Connie Brockway cements her place among the ranks of the finest romance writers with a deep and emotionally taut story that grabs your interest and never lets go. This keeper plays on your heartstrings and clings to your mind long after the end."

"Intricately plotted, with highly inventive lead characters, Brockway's latest is an intense and complicated romance… Everything works in this cat-and-mouse tale— there is excitement, chemistry, obsession, and, best of all, a tortured romance that has an ending befitting its unusual story line. "
— Publishers Weekly

"All Through The Night will remain one of the yardsticks by which I would gauge historical romances… this story combines obsession, darkness, and two vividly tormented characters into one potent concoction that manages to be poignant, utterly romantic, and devastatingly erotic at the same time."
— Mrs. Giggles -PERFECT 100 SCORE

"An intoxicating and titillating romance! Connie Brockway takes you high up to the rooftops and deep into the emotions of her wonderful characters! Ms. Brockway writes with passion about passion so effectively, you feel it too! A skillful and talented author, Ms. Brockway and All Through The Night are magnificent! The sexual tension is so taut that you as the reader along with the characters beg for it's end. The raw power and shear strength of the hero is perfectly balanced with the demur and unassuming heroine, and both have keen intelligence as one tries to outsmart the other in an exciting game of cat and mouse. This book is incredible - satisfying - a definite winner and I loved it!"
— Literary Times